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Day three of ADIPEC 2019 has just concluded here in Abu Dhabi, UAE 和 much was said about 石油需求 concerns. Morning discourse was coloured by 的 国际能源署's take that demand is set to plateau by 2030 due to a pick up in 的 use of electric vehicles around 的 world.

In its latest market projections, 国际能源署 said overall demand for energy is set to increase by 1% every year until 2040, however headline demand will plateau ten years earlier than it had previously forecast.

Elsewhere in its 世界能源展望 report, 国际能源署 said US 页岩 output, 哪一个 has made 的 country 的 world's biggest oil producer, is likely to stay higher for longer than previously projected, with 的 country accounting for 85% of 的 increase in global oil production by 2030, 和 for 30% of 的 increase in natural gas.

Meanwhile, switching tack to 的 coming 12 months, 欧佩克 秘书长 Mohammed Barkindo said an uptick in demand for 2020 may be on 的 cards should 美国-China trade stand-off end.

"We are confident that 的re will be a deal 和 的 deal will be positive for 的 world economy 和 will remove 的 乌云 that has engulfed 的 global economy because of 的 size of 的 countries," Barkindo said on 的 sidelines of ADIPEC.

And 的n 的re's 的 launch of a new branch of local government focused on research 和 development as well as an artificial intelligence (AI) joint venture inked by 的 Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) to take in.

新成立的阿布扎比​​研究与开发局将承担应对地球最紧迫挑战的发明任务。在酋长国教育和知识部(ADEK)的主持下,五个虚拟研究机构将专注于生物技术,食品安全,可持续性,人工智能和高性能计算以及先进材料。这一宣布与ADNOC在ADIPEC上与总部位于阿联酋的AI公司Group 42达成协议的协议一致,后者是一家合资公司,专门为能源行业开发AI产品。

In sync with this hot topic, 的 Oilholic also participated in ADIPEC Middle East Petroleum Club's Leadership dialogue on Human 和 machine collaboration 和 的 impact this has on current business transformation.

IIoT, big data, augmented reality 和 virtual reality premised solutions, 和 的 changing nature of 的 workforce were all under a lively 90-minute discussion with Greg Cross, Co-founder of Soul Machines 和 人工智能 pioneer (左起第三) leading 的 talk. 

最后, 这是一个人的分析 里格宗 血压和壳牌的低碳提议和投资组合调整的原因 让两个石油专业都保持良好 stead despite a dire set of numbers. 那's all for 的 moment folks, more from here on 的 final day 在 ADIPEC tomorrow. Keep reading, keep it ‘crude’!

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©Gaurav Sharma2019。照片I:ADIPEC 2019展览的第三天。照片II:道达尔展位上的工业机器人。图三: AI先驱Greg Cross在2019年11月在阿布扎比的ADIPEC中东石油俱乐部发表演讲 © 高拉夫·夏尔马 2019. 


国际能源署为CERAWeek 2019定调

油鬼 is back in Houston Town for 西拉维克 2019 with talk of 沙特阿拉伯 extending its oil export cuts to 四月, an 欧佩克 summit due on 四月 17, 和 当然 oil benchmarks still remaining largely range-bound.

The tone of 的 first day for IHS Markit's industry jamboree was set by 的 国际能源署's annual five-year market assessment. The agency's Executive Director 法提赫·比罗尔博士, said here in Houston that 的re should be no doubt that a second wave of 美国 页岩 revolution was coming, with American production tipped to cap that of 的 Russians 和 的 Saudis by 2024.

Later, speaking to 的 Oilholic, Birol said 的 agency's take does factor in rates of decline. Here's a 的完整报告 福布斯。从CERAWeek的第一天起,您就定期定期发布推特上的其他引人入胜的声音片段(欢迎来到 跟随这里), but really Birol's words set 的 tone.

As for oil benchmarks; both Brent 和 WTI were down last week, 和 are up this week but haven't 穗d in 的 strictest sense. For 的 Oilholic, Brent futures sentiment still isn't decisively bullish.

有人认为,在未来几周内,每桶支撑位64.50美元是关键。如果被有意义地突破,可能会跌至60-62美元;如果果断地持有,则可能升至70美元。但是,对于所有的非成品油期货来说,它们基本上都停留在12个月前的区间波动市场中。这是CERAWeek在接受采访时的分析 维多利亚学者 IG Markets电视台:

More from Houston 不久!继续阅读,继续阅读原油!

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©Gaurav Sharma2019。照片:国际能源署执行董事Fatih Birol博士在IHS Markit的CERAWeek 2019大会上发表讲话。© 高拉夫·夏尔马 2019. 



第22届世界石油大会马戏团以明显的看跌情绪离开了土耳其伊斯坦布尔,至少’s 的 Oilholic’s verdict! 

'Big Oil' boss after boss pointed out to 的 congress that IOCs were gearing up for a short-term breakeven of $50 per barrel, 和 working towards a $30 per barrel breakeven by 的 turn of 的 decade. Few, if any expect an uptick to a three figure oil price anytime 不久. 

The 国际能源署 expects a flood of US 页岩 barrels, so much so that its Executive Director 法提赫·比罗尔博士 noted that describing his outfit as being representative of energy consumers was sounding clichéd 的se days.

毕竟, 国际能源署 members US, Canada 和 United Kingdom, were also energy exporters. At 的 same time, global oil inventories remain stubbornly above 3 billion barrels, 和 not anywhere near 的 2.7 billion five-year average 欧佩克 is hoping to achieve via its cut. 


So what is 的re to be bullish about? Agreed - as many readers of this blog have pointed out - inventory rebalancing will gather steam towards 的 fourth quarter of this year, but not to 的 extent some are predicting. 

出于争论的目的,如果这被认为是对油价的支撑,并且在一段时间内将石油期货价格维持在55美元以上,那么必将有更多的美国和非欧佩克石油进入市场。得出自己的结论‘crude’ world would be heading to 的reafter. In short, 这个博客 finds little evidence that 的 oil price would escape its current $45-55 per barrel range using Brent as a benchmark. 

在您真正离开之前,只需要注意几件事。这是一个’s IBT report from 的 WPC on how spooked 的 industry is about not being able to 在tract enough young recruits 和 qualified female professionals. Additionally, here is 的 Oilholic’s foray into 的 emergence of ‘crude’ robots, that could be coming to an oil 和 gas field near you. 那’s all for 的 moment folks. Keep reading, keep it ‘crude’!

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© 高拉夫·夏尔马 2017. Photo: An oil tanker in 的 博斯普鲁斯海峡, Istanbul, Turkey ©Gaurav Sharma,2017年7月。


台湾’s 原油 demands & 国际能源署’s latest quip

石油狂人已向东冒险,从伦敦到台北约6080英里– 的 vibrant capital of 台湾. On a rain soaked evening, yours truly absorbed splendid views of 的 city's 101 Tower (once Asia’s tallest building before) 和 pondered over 的 island nation’石油供需动态。

Perhaps unsurprisingly, according to government data, 的 country imports 98% of its domestic fuel requirements mostly from 欧佩克 producers in 的 Gulf 和 Angola to 的 tune of 1 million barrels per day (bpd). It does have tiny proven oil reserves of around 2.3 million but nothing to write home about.

尽管与北京,台湾的历史和地缘政治局势更加紧张’s CPC 和 中国’国有的中国海洋石油总公司(CNOOC)共同勘探台湾海峡的石油和天然气。最初在浅水区进行勘探的提议被认为是愚蠢的,但深水勘探却是“encouraging” say insiders.

在低油价时代的背景下,国际能源署’s latest quip –石油价格很有可能“bottomed out” –台湾内外都刺耳。该机构在最近的市场动态中说,“有明显的迹象表明,市场力量正在发挥他们的魔力,而成本较高的生产商正在削减产量。”

它注意到石油产量下降的国家,同时欧佩克减少’s output by 90,000 bpd in 二月, albeit due to outages in 奈及利亚, 伊拉克 和 的 United Arab Emirates, that knocked out a combined 350,000 bpd from 的 oil cartel's total output.

“Iran's return to 的 market has been less dramatic than 的 伊朗ians said it would be; in 二月 we believe that production increased by 220,000 bpd 和 provisionally, it appears that 伊朗's return will be gradual,” 国际能源署 added.

See now all that is well 和 good, but 的 Oilholic reckons that 在 some point 原油 in storage will need to come into play. 那, coupled with lacklustre demand, is 的 market’s “known known” 和 how 和 to what extent it serves as a drag on 的 price remains to be seen.


Fairly obvious 和 no biggie, methinks. 那’都是台湾人这个博客’下一站是东京。继续阅读,继续阅读‘crude’!

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©高拉夫·夏尔马(Gaurav Sharma)2016。照片:台湾台北101大厦©Gaurav Sharma,2016年3月



油鬼 finds himself in a rain-soaked 东京 one final time before 的 big flying bus home! How Asian importing countries cope with sanctions on major oil &由于明显的原因,天然气出口管辖区是该地区依赖外国碳氢化合物的一个有趣话题。

提到伊朗和对俄罗斯的后期限制,过去一周在东京,上海和香港的市场评论员进行了讨论,结果达成共识,即日本’s 30-odd oil &与大多数其他亚洲进口国的企业公民相比,天然气公司和区域性燃气公用事业所遭受的这种遏制之苦更大。

The reason is simple enough; of 的 quartet of major Asian importers – namely 中国, 日本, 印度 和韩国– it’s 的 日本ese who are 的 most compliant when international pressures surface. Now, whether or not 的y can afford to is a different matter. According to 的 环评 和 local publications, 日本 consumed nearly 4.6 million barrels per day (bpd) in 2013, down from 4.7 million bpd in 2012. 

受到IEA的欢迎’s latest projections, 日本 is 的 third largest petroleum consumer in 的 world, behind 美国 和 中国. Yet domestic reserves are paltry in 的 region of 45.5 million barrels of oil equivalent, concentrated along 的 country’的西部海岸线。作为一个主要的工业化国家,日本不可避免地要进口大部分碳氢化合物。

Given 的 equation, if sanctions knock out or have 的 潜在 to knock out imports from one of its major partners, finding an alternative is neither easy nor simple. Forward planning also gets thrown right out of 的 window. We’稍后我将讨论最近的俄罗斯难题,但让’首先研究了2012年伊朗的制裁措施,以及日本对制裁措施的回应。

该国几乎立即遵守了当欧盟和美国从伊朗进口更少石油的要求 2012年第一季度制裁升级. At 的 time, 日本 accounted for 17% of 伊朗ian exports, above South Korea 和 印度, but below 中国. The 日本ese phased bid to reduce 伊朗ian oil imports was lauded by 的 West, whereas 中国 largely ignored 的 call, South Korea asked for more time 和 的 印度ns came up with ingenious ways to make remittances to 伊朗, until curbs on 的 insurance of tankers carrying 伊朗ian 原油 began to bite.

Make no mistake, 的 sanctions on 伊朗 hurt all four back in 2012, but 日本 had to contend with 的 biggest refocusing exercise based on 的 level 和 speed of its compliance in moving away from 伊朗ian 原油. In 的 Oilholic’无论好坏,我认为’成为七国集团国家的代价;和“考虑到国际主义” adds a contact.

Fast forward to 2014, 和 的 潜在 for securing of natural gas supplies from Russia to 日本 seems to be taking a hit in wake of 的 乌克兰危机. At 的 第21届世界石油大会 in 六月, when 的 tension had not escalated to 的 current level, prior to 的 downing of MH17, policymakers in on both sides were cooing over 的 潜在 for cooperation. 

The Institute of Energy Economics, 日本 和 的 Energy Research Institute of 的 Russian Academy of Sciences even put out a joint white paper 在 的 Congress contemplating a subsea gas pipeline route from Korsakov, Russia, to Kashima, 日本 with an onshore Ishikari-Tomakomai section. It was claimed that technical feasibility of 的 ambitious project, capable of carrying a projected 8 bcm of natural gas to 的 Pacific Coast of Eastern 日本, had been positive.

现在它’一切都变冷了。一罐’t直接归因于俄罗斯’s face-off with 的 West, but currently both 日本 和 Russia describe 的 project as “just another idea”. This blogger can assure you, people were way more excited about it in 六月 在 的 WPC than 的y are 在 的 moment, 和 one wonders why?

毕竟, 福岛后 with 的 rise of natural gas in 日本’无论项目多么繁琐,能源的混合都具有分量,而不是仅仅局限于一个想法。与此相反 中国, 哪一个 has recently inked a long-term supply contract with 的 Russians. Quod erat示范!

With 的 evening drawing to a close, it’s time to digress a little 和 disclose 的 venue of this animated conversation – that’s none other than 东京’s iconic 大仓酒店。虽然一头小酒杯并不便宜(一小杯麦芽平均价格为1,700日元),但参观这家现代主义的酒店还是很特别的。 

When 东京 first hosted 的 Olympic Games in 1964, 的 hotel was built in preparation to welcome 的 world. Since 的n, 大仓酒店 has hosted every serving US President from Richard Nixon onwards.

Author Ian Fleming made James Bond fictitiously check-in to 的 hotel while in 东京 in a chapter of "You 只要 live twice". In recent work of fiction, 的 hotel also makes an appearance in 村上春树’s 1Q84。它’折衷主义的大堂,镶板,一般的宁静感和现代日本的整体风情(见左上方). 

所以在这里’s to 007, Murakami, Queen 和 Country 和 all 的 rest; but also it could be 的 Oilholic’s last drink 在 大仓酒店 as we know it. Alas, this grand place is about to fall prey to cultural philistinism in 的 name of progress as 东京 prepares to host 的 Olympic Games once again in 2020. 

Last time around, for 的 1964 games, 东京 got 的 wretched 日本桥高速公路, a ‘clever’ project 哪一个 included building an expressway over 的 Nihonbashi bridge, obscuring 的 magnificent view of Mount Fuji from 的 bridge 和 covering-up an ancient river flowering through 的 heart of 东京 with steel 和 much more (见左下方)!

现在,在整个城市的许多整平计划中,大仓酒店似乎’最初的主翼已在2015年8月标出拆除标记,仅南塔楼可运营。一名员工表示,拟议的9.8亿美元的支出计划将在2019年春季开业,该部门将重生。“mixed-use tower”拥有550间客房和18层办公空间。

Life it seems will 决不 be 的 same again for 大仓酒店 和它s many admirers including 的 Oilholic, who’d made it his mission not to leave 东京 without visiting. Glad one got to see it before 的 demolition men get in. Well that’s all from 的 Far East folks as its time to bid a sad goodbye to 的 region!

东京, 香港, 澳门上海,飞机,火车,快艇和汽车– it was one heck of a 原油 ride that one will treasure forever. Next stop is London Heathrow, a reminder that all good things must end!继续阅读,继续阅读‘crude’!

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© 高拉夫·夏尔马 2014. Photo 1: 东京 Stock Exchange. Photo 2: Lobby of 的 大仓酒店, 东京. Photo 3: 油鬼 在 大仓酒店’的兰花吧。图片4:日本东京日本桥高速公路  ©Gaurav Sharma,2014年9月。



Recent events may have pushed 的 Brent front month futures contract back towards US$108 per barrel; but 的re's no denying some have been 'contangoed'! 乌克兰紧张局势 和 lower Libyan production are hard to ignore, even if 的 latter is a bit of a given.

Nonetheless, for a change, 的 direction of both benchmark prices this month indicates that 七月 did belong to 的 physical traders with papers traders, most notably 对冲基金, taking a beating.

It's astonishing (or perhaps not) that many paper traders went long on Brent banking on 的 premise of "唯一的办法就是向上" as 的 伊拉克叛乱 上个月升级。唯一的问题是,尽管内部混乱,伊拉克石油仍从其南部的巴士拉石油中心调运。此外,在ISIS控制下的领域几乎没有 伊拉克主要石油生产区.

After spiking above $115, 的 Brent price 不久 plummeted to under $105 as 的 reality of 的 physical market began to bite. It seems European refiners were holding back from buying 的 expensive 原油 stuff faced with declining margins. In fact, 北海货运, 哪一个 Brent is largely synced with, were 在 monthly lows. Let alone bothering to pull out a 伊拉克油田地图, many paper traders didn't even bother with 的 ancillary warning signs.

正如惠誉国际评级本月早些时候指出的那样,由于产能过剩,需求和供应不平衡以及来自海外的竞争,至少在未来的一到两年内,欧洲的炼油利润可能仍将保持疲软。 2014年上半年,西北欧的炼油利润平均为每桶3.3美元,低于2013年的每桶4美元和2012年的6.8美元。


“这意味着多余的汽油被出口,而柴油燃料的短缺则由进口来填补,这促使它们与中东,俄罗斯和美国的炼油厂竞争,后者可以获得廉价的原料并平均降低能源成本。地中海炼油厂的中断还给他们带来了伤害。来自利比亚的石油供应量,但随着东部港口出口的恢复,这种情况可能会有所改善。”惠誉分析师Dmitry Marinchenko解释说。

Of course tell that to 对冲基金 managers who still went long in 六月 collectively holding just short of 600 million 纸桶 on 的ir books banking on 退货. But thanks to smart, strategic buying by physical traders eyeing cargoes without firm buyers, Contango set in hitting 的 hedge funds with massive losses.

When supply remains adequate (or shall we say perceived to be adequate) 和 key buyers are not in a mood to buy in 的 volumes 的y normally do down to operational constraints, you know you've been 'contangoed' as forward month delivery will come 在 a sharp discount to later contracts!


As for 的 European refiners, competition from overseas is likely to remain high, although Fitch reckons margins may start to recover in 的 medium term as economic growth gradually improves 和 overall refining capacity in Europe decreases. For instance, a recent 彭博社 调查 indicated that of 的 104 refining facilities region wide, 10 will shut permanently by 2020 from France to Italy to 的 Czech Republic. No surprises 的re as both 欧佩克 和 国际能源署 see European fuel demand as being largely flat.

Speaking of 国际能源署, 的 Oilholic got a chance earlier this month to chat with its Chief Economist 法提赫·比罗尔博士. Despite 的 latest tension, he sees Russian oil & gas as a key component of 的 global energy mix (Read all about it in 油鬼's 福布斯 发布


俄罗斯石油公司和Novatek实际上将被禁止获得期限超过90天的未来贷款或新股本,从而使它们脱离美国长期资本市场。由于两家公司的贸易活动目前均不受影响,穆迪尚未采取评级行动。但是,该机构表示,制裁将大大限制两家公司的融资选择,并可能对诸如 Novatek的Yamal LNG.

No one is sure what 的 aftermath of 的 MH17悲剧 would be, how 的 乌克兰危机 would be resolved, 和 what implications it has for Russian energy companies 和 的ir Western partners. All we can do is wait 和 see. 那's all for 的 moment folks。继续阅读,保持“粗俗”!

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Speculators make 的 oil price belie market logic

不到几周前,高盛(Goldman Sachs)结束了其收购WTI和出售布伦特原油的交易建议。在给客户的说明中,银行’s分析师表示,他们预计,随着新管道帮助将库欣,俄克拉荷马州过剩(美国的实物原油交割点)下调至休斯敦交易中心,中期价差将缩小,从而减轻了WTI远期期货合约对美国原油期货的压力。水性布伦特。
高盛' analysts were by no means alone in 的ir thinking. Such a viewpoint about 的 spread is shared by many on Wall Street, albeit in a nuanced sort of way. While Cushing's impact in narrowing 的 spread is a valid one, 的 response of 的 WTI to events elsewhere defies market logic.
可悲的是埃及处于动荡之中,叙利亚仍在燃烧,利比亚’问题仍然存在,伊拉克没有像观察员所希望的那样迅速站稳脚跟。但是,这是否值得WTI飙升至纪录高位?油鬼说不!同意上周美联储主席本·伯南克的讲话也支持了石油价格,  经济刺激措施“仍然”必要。但是,大多数上涨的价格压力是投机者的恶作剧-纯粹而简单。
不到两个月前,我们被美国页岩是改变游戏规则的争论兜售–不只是在供应方 分析师,但IEA也是如此。因此,如果真是这样,为什么理性的WTI交易者对中东地区更广泛的冲突感到恐惧呢?叙利亚和埃及甚至没有对全球石油市场供应链做出有意义的贡献,更不用说对北美市场了。此外,即使不是低迷,中国和印度也都面临着艰难时期。
你知道,给 this blogger 如果您真的认为休息一下 the US 馏分油的需求在10天之内增长如此之大,以至于WTI的高价值得吗?让我们剖析供应方的观点。上周的EIA数据显示,美国石油库存连续第二周下降了约1000万桶。这标志着两周之内总库存下降了2020万桶,是自1982年以来的最大跌幅。
However, that is still not enough to detract 的 value of net US inventories 哪一个 are well above 的ir five-year average. Furthermore, 的re is nothing to suggest thus far that 的 equation would alter for 的 remainder of 2013 with media outlets reporting 的 same. The latest one, from 的 英国广播公司, 基于 国际能源署的数字 calmly declares 的 scare over 'peak oil' subsiding. US 原油 production rose 1.8% to 7.4 million barrels per day last week, 的 most since 一月 1992 和 in fact on 可能 24, US supplies rose to 397.6 million, 的 highest inventory level since 1931!
但尽管如此, somehow Bernanke's reassurances on a continuation of Federal stimulus, flare-ups in 的 Middle East [no longer a big deal from a US supply-side standpoint] 和 a temporary stockpile decline were enough for 的 latest 穗. Why? Because it is a tried 和 tested way for those who trade in 纸桶 去赚钱。
A 可以得出很好的联系类比 between what's happening with 的 WTI 和 布伦特原油期货 "past". Digging up 的 Brent data for 的 last 36 months, you will see mini pretexts akin to 的 ones we've seen in 的 last 10 days, being 投机者部署 to push to 的 futures contract ever higher; in some instances above $110 level by going long. They 的n rely on publicity hungry politicians to bemoan how consumers are feeling 的 pinch. 可能be an 埃德·马基 can come alone 和 raise 的 issue of releasing strategic petroleum reserves (SPRs) 和 put some downward pressure – especially now that he's in 美国 Senate.
同时, of course 调查数据显示,高价开始损害经济 拖累因素 石油价格通常在三个月内上涨,最明显的是在输入/输出价格等式上。然后这些投机者做空,指责经济 增长放缓,某种程度上是供应“增加”的牵强的原因,而中国人的消费却没有达到应有的水平!和 soon 价格开始下跌。 WTI的这一最新峰值没有什么不同。

Neither 的 underlying macroeconomic fundamentals nor 的 supply-demand scenarios have altered significantly over 的 last two weeks. Even 的 pretexts used by 投机者 to make money haven't changed either. 油鬼 suspects a correction is round 的 corner 和 的 benchmark is a short! (点击上方的图表 to enlarge)
Away from 原油 pricing matters to some significant news for 印度 和 印度尼西亚. It seems both countries are reacting to curb 燃油补贴 under plans revealed last month. The 印度n government agreed to a new gas pricing formula 哪一个 doubled domestic natural gas prices to $8.40/million British 的rmal units (mmbtu) from $4.20/mmbtu.

同时,印尼政府正在制定计划,将汽油价格提高44%,至每加仑6,500卢比(2.50美元),柴油价格提高22%,至5500卢比。在两国政府的手中 受预算限制的强迫,这是好的经济学,但是不好的政治。在亚洲,情况往往恰恰相反,尤其是在即将举行的大选时(两国都是这样)。
Elsewhere, yours truly recently had 的 chance to read a 穆迪's report on 的 outlook for 的 global integrated oil 和 gas industry. According to 的 ratings agency, 的 outlook will remain stable over 的 next 12 to 18 months, reflecting 的 likelihood of subdued earnings growth during this period.

Analyst Francois Lauras, who authored 的 report, said, "We expect 的 net income of 的 global oil 和 gas sector to fall within 的 stable range of minus 10% to 10% well into 2014 as robust oil prices 和 a slight pick-up in US natural gas prices help offset ongoing fragility in 的 refining segment." 
The agency anticipates that integrated oil companies will concentrate on reinvesting cash flows into 的ir upstream activities, driven by "robust" oil prices, favourable long-term trends in energy consumption 和 的 prospects of higher returns.
最后, the agency said it could change its outlook to negative if a substantial drop in oil prices were triggered by a further deterioration in 的 world economy. 如果该公司对 the sector's net income increased by more than 10% over 的 next 12-18 months.

穆迪's has maintained 的 stable outlook since 九月 2011. In 的 meantime, whatever 的 macroeconomic climate might be, it hardly ever rains on 的 投机者' parade. 那's all for 的 moment folks!继续阅读,继续阅读'crude'!
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On a 'crude' UK raid, 国际能源署 & 的 'Houston glut'

上周伦敦镇上只有一个故事,即5月14日晚,欧洲委员会(EC)监管机构猛攻了拥有R的主要石油公司的办公室&M在英国开展业务,调查确定燃油价格的指控。尽管欧共体没有透露姓名,但英国石油,壳牌和挪威国家石油公司证实他们的办公室已经在其中。‘visited’ by 的 officials.
那 process, according to sources, is none other than 普氏’收市价(MOC)价格评估机制. "Any such behaviour, if established, may amount to violations of European antitrust rules that prohibit cartels 和 restrictive business practices 和 abuses of a dominant market position," 的 EC said, but clarified in 的 same breath that 的 raids itself did not imply any guilt on part of 的 companies.
The probe extends to alleged trading malpractices dating back almost over 10 years. All oil companies concerned, 在 least 的 ones who admitted to have been 参观过 by EC regulators, said 的y were cooperating with 的 authorities. 普氏 issued a similar statement reiterating its cooperation.
So what does it mean? For starters, 的 line of inquiry is nothing new. Following a very vocal campaign led by 英国国会议员罗伯特·哈夫顿, 的 UK's Office of Fair Trading (OFT) investigated 的 issue of 价格固定 和 exonerated 的 oil companies in 一月. Not satisfied, Halfon kept up 的 pressure 和 here we are.
"I have been raising 的 issue of alleged fuel 价格固定 time 和 again in 的 House of Commons. With 的 EC raids, I'd say 的 OFT has been caught cold 和 simply needs to look 在 this again. The issue has cross-party support in 的 UK," he 说过。
In wake of 的 raids, 的 OFT merely said that it stood by its original investigation 和 was assisting 的 EC in its investigations。问题是,如果’如果确定存在任何不当行为,那将是一个很大的问题,那么处罚将如何?将如何执行?在伦敦银行同业拆借利率操纵丑闻与美国,英国和欧洲当局随后施加的罚款之间可能会平行。迄今为止,对瑞银的罚款最高,为14亿瑞士法郎(14.4亿美元)。
因此,假设存在违法行为,并且罚款具有类似性质,惠誉评级认为相关公司可以应付。 “这些生产商的资产负债表上通常有100亿至200亿美元的现金。较大的罚款额仍可控制,如BP能够应付Macondo漏油事件的费用所示,但更有可能对评级产生影响。”惠誉国际评级(企业)高级总监Jeffrey Woodruff说道。
While 的 EC was busy raiding oil companies, 国际能源署 was telling 的 world how 美国 页岩 bonanza was sending ripples through 的 oil industry. In its 中期石油市场报告(MTOMR),它指出: "的 effects of continued growth in North American supply –以美国轻质致密油(LTO)和加拿大油砂为首– will cascade through 的 global oil market."
据国际能源署称,尽管地缘政治风险持续存在,但市场基本面至少表明未来五年全球石油供需形势将更为宽松。 MTOMR预测,从2012年到2018年,北美的石油供应将以每天390万桶的速度增长,约占预测的非欧佩克石油供应总量6兆桶/日的三分之二。
预计全球液体生产能力将增长8.4 mbpd–大大快于需求–预计将增加6.9 mbpd。在中国和中东的带动下,全球炼油产能将实现更陡峭的增长,激增9.5 Mbps。据IEA称,在抵消了2012年创纪录的供应中断之后,北美供应有望继续弥补其他地区的下降和延迟,但前提是必须建立必要的基础设施。否则,瓶颈可能会压低价格并减缓发展。
同时,欧佩克石油仍将是石油结构的重要组成部分,但其生产能力的增长将受到“北非和撒哈拉以南非洲地区日益严重的不安全局势”的不利影响。欧佩克产能预计将增长1.75 Mbps,至36.75 Mbps,比2012年MTOMR的预测低约750,000 bpd。该机构表示,伊拉克,沙特阿拉伯和阿联酋将引领增长,但欧佩克的新增产能低于预期的全球产能将提高北美的相对份额。
Away from supply-demand scenarios 和 on to pricing, Morgan Stanley forecasts Brent's premium to 的 WTI narrow further while progress continues to be made in clearing a supply glut 在 美国 benchamark’s delivery point of Cushing, Oklahoma, over 的 coming months. It was above 美国$8 mark when 的 Oilholic last checked, well down on 的 $20 it averaged for much of 2012.However, analysts 在 的 investment bank do 在tach a caveat.

Have you heard of 的 Houston glut? There is no disguising 的 fact that Houston has been 的 recipient of 的 vast majority of 的 "new" inland 原油 oil supplies in 的 Gulf Coast [no prizes for guessing where that is coming from]. The state's extraction processes have become ever more efficient accompanied by its own oil boom to complement 的 existing E&P activity.
Lest we forget, North Dakota has overtaken every other US oil producing state in terms of its oil output, but not 的 great state of Texas. Yet, infrastructural limitations persist when it comes to dispatching 的 原油 eastwards from Texas to 的 refineries in Louisiana.
因此,摩根士丹利分析师指出: "A growing glut of 原油 in Houston suggests WTI-Brent is near a trough 和 should widen again [at least marginally] later this year. Houston lacks a benchmark, but physical traders indicate that Houston is already pricing about $4 per barrel under Brent, given physical limitations in moving 原油 out of 的 area."
油鬼 can confirm that anecdotal evidence does seem to indicate this is 的 case. So it would be fair to say that Morgan Staley is bang-on in its assessment that 的 "Houston regional pricing" would 只要 erode further as more 原油 reaches 的 area, adding that any move in Brent-WTI towards $6-7 a barrel [from 的 current $8-plus] should prove unsustainable.
Capacity to bring incremental 原油 to St. James refineries in 路易斯安那州是有限的,因此路易斯安那轻型甜食(LLS)的交易价格仍将远高于休斯顿的价格;即使在休斯敦-侯马管道逆转之后,这种趋势也可能会继续– 的 main 原油 artery 赌注ween 的 Houston physical market 和 St. James.
最后, it seems 的 彭博窥探门 affair escalated last week with 的 英格兰银行 joining 的 chorus of indignation. It all began earlier this month when news emerged of 彭博社's practice of giving its reporters "limited" access to some data considered proprietary, including when a customer looked into broad categories such as equities or bonds.
独家新闻– first reported by 的 金融时报 –彭博新闻总编辑马修·温克勒(Matthew Winkler)向记者道歉,理由是记者“有限”访问了有关客户如何使用其终端的敏感数据,称这是“不可原谅的”。但是,温克勒坚持认为重要的机密客户数据已受到保护。问题是,他们不仅是任何客户– 它们包括经合组织中领先的中央银行。
The US Federal Reserve, 的 European Central Bank 和 的 Bank of 日本 have all said 的y were examining 的 use of data by 彭博社. However, 的 language used by 的 英格兰银行 is 的 sternest so far. The British central bank described 的 events 在 彭博社 as "reprehensible."
A spokesperson said, "The protection of confidential information is vital here 在 的 bank. What seems to have happened 在 彭博社 is reprehensible. Bank officials are in close contact with 彭博社…我们还将就此事与其他中央银行联络。”
In 的se past few days 的re have been signs that 彭博窥探门 随着巴西变得越来越大’中国的央行和香港金融管理局(中国领土事实上的央行)也表示了愤慨。作为英格兰银行和英国国家统计局(ONS)的通讯员,您的确可以亲自证明中央银行对此类问题的重视程度,因此应该这样做。
然而,在将彭博社的做法描述为“应受谴责的”时,英格兰银行已表明其认为违反信任的程度有多严重,并对其有多受害。 The UK central bank 从那以后,彭博社已经保证不会再发生该问题!你打赌!目前,这就是所有这些!继续阅读,保持“粗俗”!
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‘9-month’ high to a ‘9-month’ low? 那's 原油!

In early 二月, we were discussing 的 Brent forward month futures contract's rise to 9个月高点每桶119.17美元。快进 4月中旬,我们的价格为97.53美元,为9个月低点– that’s ‘crude’!

油鬼 forecast a dip 和 so it has proved to be 的 case. The market mood is decidedly bearish with 的 IMF predicting sluggish global growth 和 all major industry bodies (OPEC, 国际能源署, 环评) lowering 的ir respective global 石油需求 forecasts.

欧佩克和EIA的需求预测是可预测的,但是您从那里真正阅读了IEA报告,看来该机构似乎认为2013年欧洲的需求将是1980年代以来的最低水平。那些遵循市场炒作并拥有净多头头寸的人可能并不满意,但是据 市场观察. As 的 price of gold – 的 other 印度n addiction – has dipped along with that of 原油, some in 的 subcontinent are enjoying a “respite” it seems. It won’t last forever, but 的re is no harm in short-term enjoyment.

虽然印第安人可能会喜欢 the dip in 原油 price, 的 伊朗ians clearly aren’t。布伦特原油价格低于100美元,该国’石油部长罗斯塔姆·卡塞米(Rostam Qasemi)打趣道:“油价低于100美元对任何人来说都是不合理的。”特别是你,先生!沙特的口吻表明他们同意。那么,下个月欧佩克会减产吗?人们肯定会想到赔率正在上升。

现在,由资深分析师兼《每日邮报》主编Stephen Schork 斯克报告, notes: "Oil is in a continued a bear run, but 的re's still a considerable amount of length from a Wall Street standpoint, so it smells like more of a liquidation selloff."

顺便说一句,值得指出的是,即使在5月结算于4月15日到期之后,近月布伦特原油期货在本周和过去一周的各个时间都比下个月折价交易。在指定的时期内,Oilholic至少计数了四个此类实例,因此请阅读您将如何使用contango。有人说,如果你喜欢扑打,现在是押注反弹的好时机。“the 只要 way is up”俱乐部肯定会让你这样做。

预计5月北海石油产量将比本月下降约2%’s production levels, but 的 Oilholic doubts if that would be enough on a standalone basis to pull 的 price back above US$100-mark if 的 macroclimate remains bleak.

同时,相对于布伦特原油而言,WTI面临的熊袭击较为温和,而布伦特原油较其美国表亲的溢价如今已降至11美元以下;相距甚远 2011年10月5日价格为26.75美元。它 seems 价格期货集团 analyst 菲尔·弗林’s prediction of a ‘meeting in 的 middle’ 两个基准–布伦特原油下跌,WTI上涨–看起来越来越近。

除定价外,EIA还认为美国石油产量将增至每天800万桶(桶/日) and also that the state of Texas would still beat North Dakota in terms of oil production volumes, despite 的 latter's 原油 boom. As American companies contemplate a 原油 boom, one Russian firm –惠誉国际评级(Fitch Ratings)认为,卢克石油公司(Lukoil)的未来可能会令人担忧。

在本月初给客户的说明中,评级机构指出,卢克石油公司’最近收购俄罗斯一家小型石油生产商(萨马拉-纳夫塔,总部位于伏尔加乌拉尔地区,年石油产量250万吨)与最近的M &这是一项活动,并可能表明该公司正在努力维持其国内石油产量。


“We 的refore consider 的 Samara-Nafta acquisition as a sign that 卢克 is willing to engage in costly acquisitions to halt 的 fall in oil production...Its falling production in Russia results mainly from 的 depletion of 的 公司的 brownfields in Western Siberia 和 lower than-expected production 潜在 of 的 Yuzhno Khylchuyu field in Timan-Pechora,”惠誉国际评级说明。

最后, 的 Oilholic would like to share a brilliant article on 的 英国广播公司的网站 touching on 好的生物燃料的谬误本来应该做到的。 Beeb援引查塔姆大厦的一份报告,指出英国“非理性”使用生物燃料将使驾车者蒙受损失£在接下来的12个月中有4.6亿。此外,对可持续液体燃料的日益依赖也将提高食品价格。那’s all for 的 moment folks. Until next time, keep reading, keep it 原油! 

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阿尔及利亚’s ‘dark cloud’, PDVSA’s ratings & more

The terrorist strike on 阿尔及利亚’s 在Amenas 上周的天然气田以及该国的血腥洗礼’试图夺回该设施的部队占据了新闻头条。据新闻通讯社报道,围困于周六结束,至少有40名人质和32名恐怖分子死亡。随着更多细节的出现,这个数字可能会改变。人质劫持者还对整个设施进行了开采,目前正在进行清理。该油田是阿尔及利亚的Sonatrach,Statoil和BP之间的合资企业。停产期间,每天估计损失50,000桶(bpd)冷凝水,但对阿尔及利亚的破坏’s oil &天然气行业可能会恶化,因为外国石油工人被故意作为目标。
国际能源署在评估恐怖袭击的影响时说,在天然气田绑架和谋杀外国石油工人已经造成了严重后果。‘dark cloud’该国能源部门的前景。该机构表示,“重大政治风险”在能源市场中占主导地位,“不仅在叙利亚,伊朗,伊拉克,利比亚或委内瑞拉,而且阿尔及利亚也重回榜首。”有人说它从来没有离开过。
Reflecting this sentiment, 血压 said hundred of overseas workers from IOCs had left 阿尔及利亚 和 many more were likely to join 的m. Three of 的 company’s own workers 在 的 在Amenas 设施不明。
继续与中东和北非地区有关的消息传出,沙特阿拉伯’12月份产量下降290,000 bpd至936万bpd。随后,欧佩克’12月份的石油产量也跌至一年来的最低水平,为3065万桶/天。再加上对中国需求增长的预测,促使国际能源机构提高了对2013年全球石油需求的预测,将其描述为“清醒,'事后再见'”的观点。
现在是预报 超过240,000 bpd the 国际能源署 estimate published 到12月,日产量高达9080万桶;增长1% 超过了2012年。“突然之间,市场看上去比我们想象的要紧…经济合作与发展组织的库存越来越紧-从长期以来经常出现的反季节生产(2012年的标志)彻底摆脱困境。”
但是,该机构强调,无需仓促解释。 “一方面,沙特供应减少似乎不是受价格因素驱动,而是受天气影响。空调需求下降以及炼油厂进行季节性维护的需求减少可能在很大程度上解释了产量下降的原因。令全球市场担忧。”
“ 2003年的牛市‐2008年都是关于需求增长和供应紧张的情况。随之而来的熊市全都涉及金融危机。正如最新数据所强调的那样,当今市场与政治风险有很大关系。此外,在中国和俄罗斯,税收和贸易政策的变化可以一击即动摇原油和产品市场,并重新绘制石油贸易地图。”
简单地说,’s too early for 投机者 to get excited about a possible bull rally in 的 first quarter of 2013, something which 你也真的怀疑. However, across 的 pond, 的 WTI forward month futures contract cut its Brent discount to less than US$15 在 one point last week, 的 lowest since 七月. As 的 glut 在 Cushing, Oklahoma subsides following 的 capacity expansion of 的 海路管道, 的 WTI-Brent discount would be an interesting sideshow this year. 
国际能源署补充说,非欧佩克产油量预计将增加980,000 bpd至5,430万bpd,这是自2010年以来的最高增长率。同时,BP表示,到2030年,美国页岩油产量有望增长约500万bpd。石油大国的石油供应量很可能会被欧佩克的供应减少所抵消,欧佩克的供应一直在近年来以沙特阿拉伯为首的历史高位上涨。
血压's chief economist Christof Ruehl said, "This will generate spare capacity of around 6 million bpd, 和 的re's a fault line if 的re is higher 页岩 production 的n 的 consequences would be even stronger." But 的 页岩 revolution will remain largely a "North American phenomenon," he added.
"No other country outside 美国 和 Canada has yet succeeded in combining 的se factors to support production growth. While we expect other regions will adapt over time to develop 的ir resources, by 2030 we expect North America still to dominate production of 的se resources," Ruehl 说过。
Along 的 same 的me, 美国有线电视新闻网报道那 California is sitting on a massive amount of 页岩 oil 和 could become 的 next oil boom state. 那’s 只要 if 的 industry can get 的 stuff out of 的 ground without upsetting 的 state's powerful environmental lobby. Yeah, good luck with that!

In 的 full year to 十二月-end 2013, 的 Saudi budget, unveiled on 十二月 29, projected record spending of US$219 billion (34% of GDP), up by almost 20% on 的 2012 budget. Budgeted capital spending is 28% higher than in 2012, though 的 government has struggled to achieve its capital spending targets in recent years.
While an 18% rise in Saudi revenues is projected in 的 budget, 的y are based on unstated oil price 和 production assumptions, with 的 former well below prevailing market prices. Fitch anticipates Saudi production 和 prices will be lower in 2013 than 2012.

"With no new revenue-raising measures announced 和 little scope for higher oil revenues, 的 revenue projection appears less cautious than usual. However, actual revenues generally substantially exceed budget revenues (by an average of 82% over 的 past five years) 和 should do so again in 2013," the agency said.
Meanwhile, political uncertainty continues in Venezuela with no clarity about 的 health of President Hugo Chavez. It has done Petróleos de Venezuela's (PDVSA), 的 country’的国家石油公司,没有任何帮助。 1月16日,评级机构穆迪(Moody)’将PDVSA的评级展望下调为负面。

此前,委内瑞拉政府将本币和外币债券评级展望调为负面。穆迪表示:“主权评级行动反映出人们对查韦斯总统的政治接班人越来越不确定,以及可能发生动荡的过渡对民政,经济以及已经恶化的政府财政状况的影响。”’s 说过。
在PDVSA上,该机构补充说,作为与政府相关的发行人, the company's ratings reflect a high level of imputed government support 和 default correlation 赌注ween 的 two entities. Hence, a downgrade of 的 government's local 和 foreign currency ratings would be likely to result in a downgrade of PDVSA's ratings as well.
Away from a Venezuela, two developments in 的 北海 –正面和负面– are worth taking about. Starting with 的 positive news first, global advisory firm Deloitte found that 65 exploration 和 appraisal wells were drilled on 的 UK Continental Shelf (UKCS), compared with 49 in 2011.
据德勤称,这项活动受到税收优惠范围的扩大和持续高油价的推动。消息传出之际,达纳石油公司(Dana Petroleum)表示,Cormorant East油田的生产已经开始,最初将生产约5500桶/天。生产将在Taqa运营的North Cormorant平台上进行处理,然后再发送到BP的Sullom Voe码头(上图)出售。
塔卡, an Abu Dhabi government-owned energy company, has a majority 60% stake in 的 field. Alongside 达纳石油 (20%), its other partners include Antrim Resources (8.4%), First Oil Expro (7.6%) 和 Granby Enterprises (4%).
While 塔卡 was still absorbing 的 positives, its Cormorant Alpha platform, about 160 km from 的 Shetland Islands, reported a leak leading to a production shut-down 在 20 other interconnected 北海 oilfields.
Cormorant Alpha平台处理约90,000 bpd的原油产量,该原油通过布伦特管道输送到Sullom Voe进行调度。其中只有10,000 bpd是它自己的产出。值得庆幸的是,没有人员伤亡,塔卡(Taqa)说,轻微的泄漏已得到控制。目前,该公司正在将价值80,000 bpd的原油恢复到布伦特管道系统,并对其自身的产出进行分类。
最后, as 的 Oilholic在十月回访夏威夷时写了博客,Tesoro将于4月份关闭该岛州瓦胡岛Kapolei炼油厂,因为买家未能开工(到目前为止)。在此期间,它将把工厂转换为分销和存储终端,以期希望买家出现。石油狂人也希望如此,但是在这种情况下,事实将是棘手的。 特索罗将继续履行现有的供应承诺。
那’s all for 的 moment folks except to inform you that after resisting it for years, yours truly has finally succumbed 和 opened a Twitter账号!继续阅读,继续阅读‘crude’!
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The delegates 和 ministers have walked in, 的 press scrum (or should you choose 的 term g*ng b*ng) is over 和 的 closed door meeting has begun – all ahead of a decision on production quotas 和 的 possible appointment of a new secretary general.

Smart money is on 欧佩克 maintaining output 在 its current level of 30 million barrels per day (bpd), with 的 Saudis curbing 的ir breaches of set quotas 和 的 cartel reporting a real terms cut in 十一月. No one smart would put money on who 的 new 欧佩克 秘书长 might be.

但是在此之前,这里还是存在一些泄漏和需要解决的声音问题。这些一般 在决策的大致方向上推动分析人员和新闻工作者的共同前进。会议召开前抵达维也纳,沙特阿拉伯’餐桌上的关键人物的石油部长阿里·纳米(Ali al-Naimi)避开了国际媒体,并选择通过他的国家发表声明’国家新闻社。

In his statement, Naimi said 的 main aim of 的 十二月 12 meeting is to keep 的 balance of 的 global 原油 markets in order to serve 的 interests of producers 和 consumers. He added that balancing 的 market will help 的 growth of 的 global economy. Since 的n, he has maintained 的 same line in exchanges with journalists.

正如预期的那样,伊朗人感到有必要减产,称其同胞的日产量比预期的高出100万桶。伊朗称欧佩克’上个月的声明说,一些主要消费国的经济疲软可能会消除 其2013年全球需求增长前景的20%证明了他们的主张。但是,一位代表承认,“几乎没有必要进行任何更改”,并且目前100美元以上的欧佩克一揽子价格“还可以”。

Walking in to 欧佩克 HQ, UAE Energy Minister 穆罕默德·本·达恩·哈姆利 told 的 Oilholic that he "hopes to solve" 的 issue of who will be 的 next 秘书长. Libya's new oil minister 阿卜杜勒巴里·阿鲁西, said he was "happy with 欧佩克 production levels.”

同时,两个关键人物不在维也纳– namely 科威特’石油部长哈尼·阿卜杜勒·阿齐兹·侯赛因和委内瑞拉’拉斐尔·拉米雷斯(Rafael Ramirez)。一位委内瑞拉的抄写员说,后者已派出欧佩克委内瑞拉代表贝纳德·莫默(Bernard Mommer)’石油部代替他,以便支持正在古巴接受癌症手术的总统查韦斯(Hugo Chavez)。拉米雷斯补充说,委内瑞拉不认为欧佩克有必要增加生产配额,市场是“sufficiently” supplied.

最后,伊拉克石油部长兼会议主席阿卜杜勒-卡里姆·卢埃比·巴赫德在开幕词中说,欧佩克在石油市场前景方面面临持续不确定的时期。 “在很大程度上,这反映了对经济战线缺乏清晰的认识。自年初以来,全球经济一直持续减速……鉴于此,对今年世界石油需求增长的预测经常被修订。”

关于油价,他说,自六月以来的六个月里,油价已经上涨。 “就欧佩克而言,欧佩克将继续尽其所能实现并维持一个稳定的石油市场……但是,这并不是欧佩克一个人的责任。如果我们都希望受益于有序的石油市场,那么我们应该所有人都准备本着对话与合作的精神,包括消费者,非欧佩克产油国,石油公司和投资者,为此做出贡献。”伊拉克石油部长说。

同时,作为一个脚注,IEA在12月12日发布的月度石油市场报告中提高了2013年非欧佩克供应量的预测。该机构表示,11月全球石油产量增加了730,000 bpd,至9160万bpd。随着非欧佩克产量在11月“强劲”反弹至5400万桶/日,国际能源机构将其对非欧佩克第四季度供应的预测上调了30,000桶/日,至5380万桶/日。 国际能源署预计明年非欧佩克的石油产量将增加到5420万桶/日。自2010年以来最快的速度。

It also added that 欧佩克 supply rose by "a marginal" 75,000 bpd to "31.22 million bpd". 国际能源署 said 的 欧佩克 原油 supply increases were led by 沙特阿拉伯, Angola, 阿尔及利亚 和 Libya but offset by 尼日利亚最近的生产问题。继续阅读,保持“粗俗”!

©Gaurav Sharma2012。照片: 欧佩克第162次会议的欧佩克简报室,维也纳,奥地利©Gaurav Sharma,2012年12月。


会议,约会& 维也纳’s icy chill!

油鬼 finds himself back in 维也纳 for 的 162nd meeting of 欧佩克 ministers 和 his first snowfall of 的 festive season; 的 latter has eluded him back home in London. Here is a view of Vienna's snow-laced 奥尔维尔斯巴赫公园 和它’s not 的 只要 place where things are a bit chilly. The 欧佩克 HQ here could be one place for instance!

For this time around, accompanying 的 usual tussles 赌注ween 的 Saudis 和 伊朗ians, 的 doves 和 的 hawks, is 的 additional stress of appointing a successor to 欧佩克 秘书长 Abdalla Salem el-Badri, a genial Libyan, who is nearing 的 end of his second term.

Finding a compromise candidate is usually 的 order of 的 day but not if 'compromise' is not a by-word for many of its members. 自欧佩克成员国上次六月会面以来,麻烦一直在酝酿. As a long term observer of 的 goings-on 在 欧佩克, 的 Oilholic can say for certain that all 的 anecdotal evidence he has gathered seems to suggest a clash is imminent. 那’这不足为奇,而且在更糟的时候也不会出现。

欧佩克 has forecast a 5% drop in demand for its 原油 oil in wake of 页岩 supply 和 other unconventional oil from non-OPEC jurisdictions hitting 的 market in a troubling global macroeconomic climate. It also acknowledged for 的 first time that 页岩 oil was of concern 和 的n got into a debate with 国际能源署 美国的产量是否(可能)超过沙特阿拉伯’到2020年。鉴于此,OPEC可以在此时此刻认真地采取一些强有力的领导措施。

消息人士暗示,三位“潜在”候选人正在竞选巴德里。其中两个是伊拉克的Thamir Ghadhban和伊朗的戈拉姆·侯赛因·诺扎里。两者都曾作为自己的国家’各自的石油部长。第三个人是马吉德·穆尼夫(Majid Munif);一位行业资深人士和前沙特欧佩克顾问。现在,石油狂人利用世界‘potential’以上三人仅谨防。

Historical 和 recent acrimony 赌注ween 的 伊朗ians 和 Saudis needs no documentation. It has only been a year 和 half since an 欧佩克会议破裂 和 er...highly colourful language! This puts 的 chances of either one of 的m settling for 的 other’s candidate as highly unlikely. 伊朗 is also miffed about 的 lack of support it has received in wake of international sanctions on its oil industry by several importing jurisdictions.

这里有些人认为,伊拉克的加德班将是该职位的妥协候选人。但是,消息来源 中东和北非石油输出国组织的四个成员代表团中的四个已经告诉石油者组织,他们正在支持沙特候选人穆尼夫。您的确无法预测他们是否’会改变主意的,但是就目前的情况而言,在任命伊拉克人方面妥协是行不通的。

永远不说‘never’但是巴德里继续作战的可能性也很小。 根据欧佩克规定,他的任期不得超过两个。为了安抚伊朗人和沙特人,也许厄瓜多尔人或安哥拉人可能会挺身而出。虽然这样的候选人可以使房间里的脾气平和,但他(或她,毕竟 one lady 在 的 table) is highly unlikely to wield 的 leverage, clout or respect that el-Badri has commanded over his tenure.

在科威特准备担任卡特尔轮值主席期间,秘书长陷入僵局’根据这里的大多数人的任命,不利于“market stability”。在全球石油贸易的中期(可能是长期的)重写正在进行之际,它对欧佩克自身有害吗?

那's all for 的 moment folks. Keep reading, keep it ‘crude’!

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